8 Remarkable Apartment In Odessa by S&T Architects

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For those who are looking for an apartment in Odessa, this is the right one to choose. This particular apartment is designed by S&T Architects and it has to be one of the coolest living spaces in the area. The concept of the apartment itself is a contemporary one. It has everything sophisticated here and there, including the selection of furniture and decorative elements in every room. The apartment is designed for young family as it will provide a lot of areas for them to hang out, including for children to have fun time playing around the house.

Seen from the inside, the apartment is really subtle. It uses neutral color scheme almost in every room. You won't see any bright, colorful schemes on the interior. The design is set to be minimal but very advanced. One of the most unique things about this apartment in Odessa is the selection of multipurpose furniture items.

There are tall bookcases in the apartment used for its literal function, to keep books, and used as room separator, too. The apartment also has a lot of wall decors. The decorative elements from the wall are not on the hanging paints and on the color selection of the wall only. The apartment often used accent wall technique to bring more color, texture and attention to the wall.

One of the rooms in that apartment is set using accent wall. Three of the wall sides are painted in white and the one side left is designed using brick-like texture to reveal its rustic, stone-like pattern. For those who are curious about this particular apartment, you can find out more about them right here. These pictures are showing you the best looks of this particular apartment and you can use them get inspirations in designing your own apartment. These are the pictures of apartment in Odessa for you.

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