9+ Marvelous Mid-Century Modern House in Portland by Giulietti Schouten Architects

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Mid century modern house is something that you think won’t be possible. Certainly, the two terms on there are contradictive. Mid-century is like the 1950s. When a house is labeled “mid-century”, it is almost certain that the house is built in the 50s. As for modern, the term is to describe houses with sophisticated designs like the ones we have these days. However, Giulietti Schouten Architects is basically successful in blending the two terms.

They renovate a massive, luxurious house in Portland, Oregon, and giving it modern touches in every room. As the result, the house, which was originally built in 1957, becomes very sophisticated-looking. This is why this particular 1-arce house is dubbed mid century modern house. So, what is so special about the house? Well, basically the house is very luxurious and elegant. It has glass walls in several part of the house, allowing those living inside the house to stargaze or to see the view outside the house with ease.

After all, that modern house is located in hillside, providing amazing view to the homeowners. The house has vast front yard, full of green grasses. It also has backyard which was filled by beautiful garden, paving stone path way, and a patio. The inside of the house is extremely beautiful, too. It has modern-looking bathroom with large tub and shower.

The bedroom and common room inside the house are dominated by sophisticated furniture items but won’t forget the natural, wooden-inspired color schemes here and there. If you are interested in this particular house by Giulietti Schouten Architects, you can take a look at these images down below. Every room in the house will be shown so you can see how beautiful the house is and how unique its decorations are. These are the images of the modern house for you to see.

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