10 Good Green Oaks Atherton by EASA Architecture

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Regarding the architecture, there are some good points to see from good green oaks Atherton. There is nice building with very great architecture style. Based the look of its building from the outside, it does not show the modern style of architecture. It shows the classic and vintage style. The concept is quite interesting since the building is made as if it is part of the nature.

It is true to say the building can blend well with the nature. From exterior, its color is mostly dominated by the natural gray. This is the same color as what is found in the natural stones. The light gray tone becomes the nice color. Moreover, the good green oaks Atherton have lawn and some big trees surrounding the building. It is like the having a hidden place in midst of forest.

Then, the exterior is not only about the garden with nice grass and big trees. There is also nice garden with fountain and swimming pool. It seems that the designer and its owner want to make it as a good way to interact with the nature. There is also nice bench on the outdoor with paved floor. Some plants grow neatly on sides of the paved ground.

For the interior, it is quite simple. The space is designed as the same style as the outdoor area. It looks classical and vintage. The sofas and other furniture look both comfortable and aesthetic. Then, it has wooden floor with polished finishing. In order to create the nice warmth, there is chandelier and fireplace that radiates the nice tone in the room. Then, the roof does not get special treatment, so it still shows the strong wooden frame. Even, it seems that it is designed to show the wooden look as part of decoration. This good green oaks Atherton surely shows nice concept of living with nature.

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