15+ Amazing Simple Backyard Waterfall Inspirations

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There are many ways to make backyard space livelier. Adding waterfall to the design should be able to do that. It would be nice to see water cascading down continuously on a beautiful structure. In addition, the sound of water falling against the ground is found to be very relaxing by many people. A backyard waterfall will make your space looking more dynamic. The first inspiration is using a flower pot as the structure. Two flower pots are stacked together (the larger one at the bottom) and filled with gravels. A hose is planted inside the pot to give continuous water flow.

The second idea is actually derived from many Zen garden designs. Flowing water is a common theme in the Japanese garden. In this case, the waterfall structure consists of flat river stones that being stacked on top of one another. A small water source is inserted in the middle so when water runs; it will cascade down on the structure beautifully. This inspiration of backyard waterfall is perfect for small garden.

Some people would love to see the more classic fountain. This particular one is made of concrete structure. There is a pound as the base of this waterfall. A statue is built in the middle of this pound and stands tall there. The falling pattern of water is circular, surrounding that statue. It is simple yet elegant. It would be much better if vegetation is added surrounding the pound. That will make the whole place looking more organic.

Another example of backyard waterfall one can easily create is waterfall on the wall. It is easy to build a regular concrete wall with rough surface then cascades water down through the surface. The waterfall looks natural and elegant without being too much. A pond base would be a good idea for this type of water fall since the water acoustic is going to be more prominent.

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