25 Handsome Farmhemian Decorating For Perfect Home Decor Ideas

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In the advertisement world, there is a popular saying of taking the “best of both”, meaning to combine two different things and bring only the good things from them. It is rarely proven to be true though. However, with the fuse of two distinct and well-loved design styles, it might make the phrase above to come legitimate. Farmhemian home decor is the ultimate mix of interior styles that offers comfort and fun.

To understand better about this trend, it’s probably the best to break it into the style’s roots. Farmhemian combines farmhouse and bohemian designs. Farmhouse is the simple and easy on the eyes style that incorporates only little decoration. The furnishings tend to be bulky in size and rustic in appearance. It uses a lot of solid wood materials and industrial elements to create weathered looks. It encourages the owner to showcase the collected craftsmanship to create personalized vibes.

Meanwhile, bohemian design is a style that integrates a lot of different textures and vibrant colors in it. It is most commonly associated with carefree, quirky, and playful natures of travelers. It inspired by the hippie looks with cost-effective home decor in vintage or bohemianism fashion. The typical elements you’d find in this particular style are fringing, tassels, and feathers. Similar to farmhouse, it often includes unique collections of the owners, but in more free-spirited, artistic, and unconventional nature.

The essential goal of having farmhemian home decor is to evoke comfort, simplicity, and embellishment in harmonious state. The ground similarity of both farmhouse and bohemian styles which is to make your personal collection visible is the key to be successfully establishing this certain interior design style. Take a peek at various inspirations of farmhemian design below to get better idea on how to combine the sophisticated quality of farmhouse and the chic boho vibes from the bohemian one.

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