28 Extraordinary Side House Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

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Having a house that is completed with a beautiful garden and a natural impression from elements of natural harmony is actually the dream of many people. If you are one of those who dream to have side house with landscape parks and completed by some rocks, here Japanese gardens is one of the options that you can consider. The concept of natural simplicity can certainly create a feeling of peace. Simplicity and impression can be seen from the use of the elements such as materials and plants used.

One of the main elements that can make this type of garden is rocks that are used. They arranged to resemble the shape of mountains or cliffs. In this case, landscaping with rocks is very nice idea for the side house which has limited land area. If you want to build a garden in the side of your house with the landscaping idea with rocks, here some ideas that you can consider, they are:

1. Growing right up to the side of the house
Having the small garden strips are able to make a big difference. When you are laying paving stones for your garden path, why not leave a small space between them and the side of your house for a small garden. You can plant some perennials along the way, add a few planters if you run out of usable land and make a very inviting pathway that leads to the back door or garage.

2. Natural River Rock & Shrubs
It is sure that not everyone wants a garden full of plants that require a lot of water or land that needs constant weeding and maintenance. Not only by using rocks or natural river stones in this way to overcome kind of that problem, it also helps to keep water away from the foundation of your home.
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