30+ Admirable Eden Rose Garden To Enhance Your Beautiful Garden

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Rose is a flower that's loved by many people. It is not only looking gorgeous, but also having distinctive scent which will make your garden infinitely more charming. Climbing rose garden becomes quite a trend in many modern home gardens since the climbing rose does not grow as regular bush. You can grow it over your gazebos or vertically on poles. In addition, many varieties are engineered to bloom throughout the year. Eden is the most popular climbing rose varieties. It has very fragrant scent and gorgeous pink color. The buds are also relatively fat. There are many arrangements that you can come up with such versatile flower.

You can grow the flower over your home entrance if your rose garden is located at the front side of your house. Visitors will be greeted by the sight of beautiful pink roses over their heads just as they are entering your ground. To accompany the Eden, you can plant other rose bushes through the small path that is leading to your house building. There are many flower companions that will match the variety really well. You can plant Chinese rose since it has beautiful pink to orange color gradation. Old red damask rose is also a nice variety to fill your garden with its vivid and deep pink color.

Another idea for very small garden is by growing your Eden on the front pillars of your house. This variety is able to grow up to 10 feet tall and can handle being partially hidden from the sun. Thus, this placement is quite great. When people goes into your house, they will have to pass your front pillars which inhabited by your beautiful pink flowers. You only need little space to cultivate your rose garden directly at the front of your house. It is great for small houses that have very narrow outdoor space. This arrangement can give off cottage vibe to your house.

If you have vast backyard garden, your options become nearly unlimited. You can actually grow Eden flower as a free standing tall bush. You may need to add strong support structure for that, such as a hardwood pole. You can shape it like a big cone and place the tall bush in the center of your rose garden as its focal point. In the surrounding area, you can do so many things, such as building pond or growing other flower varieties

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