45+ Inspiring DIY Tiny House To Help You Live

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Everyone wants to have their own house. Even if it is not luxurious, it is still better than paying monthly for apartment or rent house. It is always more comfortable to live in what you own. That’s why people choose to have tiny house. Of course, it is not bad idea and even can be nice decision. In this case, there are also some inspiring DIY tiny house ideas.

For example, there is nice wedge-house. The concept is quite simple since is a small building. However, it does not look bad at all since the building is made of wood and people will agree that wooden-made house always look great. Instead of providing wide space, it emphasizes more on the length, so it looks unique. Then, the front area is made of glass, so it gives full access to see the interior. Once the light is on, it looks like a sparkling house. It looks great.

Then, there is another nice DIY tiny house. The house looks unique since it takes the shape of trapezium. It is totally tiny and simple. However, its exact trapezium does not make the house look simple, even it looks special. The trapezium space is only divided into some spaces for bedroom and kitchen. Then, it has terrace next to the building. This outdoor space is made as the comfortable spot to spend the time.

These two concepts of tiny house are quite simple. Both of them utilize the available space and it is turned as comfortable place for living. It shows that limited and small space still can become comfortable house. It does not need kinds of luxury to make it great, and its simplicity is the one that makes the building great. Of course, these DIY tiny house ideas can become good suggestions for those who want to have their own property even in the small area.

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