27+ Astonishing Gray Kitchen Ideas To Renovation Your Kitchen

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The interior design trend of kitchen has been changed and transformed a lot over the times. Some trends never really goes out of style, such as granite countertop combined with dark wooden cabinets even after decades of popularity. An-all white minimalistic kitchen has made its way to the top of trend list and has stayed there for a while now. Meanwhile, a gray kitchen is a timeless and versatile color option that starts to rise, as the color matches with different color undertones and is considered as the neutral shade.

However, adding gray color to your kitchen might not be as simple as it sounds. First, you have to take a sample of your countertops and your other appliances to find the suitable undertone. The gray that comes from the hardware and other electronic appliances is almost always a cool hue of gray as they are made from metal. It may sound like a bit of an unnecessary hassle, but it is an important step to find balance for the kitchen appearance.

The metal materials and shiny surfaces of your kitchen appliances may make the whole room seem a little cold. The reason why gray kitchen is an ideal color alternative, is because it has such a warm and welcoming quality to it. You would be able to provide a balance between cool tone and warm tone gray, to make the space look modern while maintain a homey feeling. Shades like charcoal gray are also great to create glamorous vibes all over the room.

Check out these ideas of gray kitchen to incorporate into your house. These can be used as great source of inspiration if you’re looking forward to remodel or renovate your current kitchen. The gray color would provide you a sophisticated air without having to go for high monochrome contrast of black and while colors.

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